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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Quick Mood Boosting Tips

As an entrepreneur, your mind must be alert at all times if you hope to make it in our highly competitive world. That’s why your mood swings count a lot. According to some experts, very simple things are always available to you to help give your mind a boost for utmost performance. Successful executives attest to this fact. Some of such executives are:

Jay Hoag, founding general partner of TCV
Jessica Bedard, shoe designer
Nitin Chhoda, CEO, Total Activation
Diego Rossetti, president, Fratelli Rossetti
Rachel Wenman, co-founder, vice president, Urban Seed Inc.
Maci Peterson, co-founder, CEO, On Second Thought

These executives live by example and they readily share their thoughts with others particularly on ways to boost your mood at work. Here are some of such ways which have turned out to be highly effective.

1. Cooking: If you like to cook and once in a while you get into the kitchen to cook something amazing, it helps your mood. Cooking is a very relaxing and creative thing to do. When you get compliments from people who love your cooking, it helps your mood.

2. Sitting out in the open air and garden: Views of nature, the free air and aromas of the field can be very relaxing and mood boosting. Sitting out quietly without distractions is very helpful here.

3. Listening to soothing music: Music has been known for ages as a real mood booster.  Depending on how you feel, the type of music which can help your mood also varies. If when you press the play button and you suddenly find yourself singing and dancing along, your mood benefits most. It helps to have a customized playlist of genres and decades of songs that bring back fond memories to your mind. That is some music that really makes you feel something. Music that is good for the mood. Good music is sure a good mood booster anytime any day.

4. Jogging and hiking: When you are down in the dump, it helps to get out of the home for a jog or a hike. The outdoor panorama, good fresh air and picturesque landscapes help the mood a great deal. These activities help to clear your mind for proper thinking while at the same time leaving you totally refreshed when you get back home.

5. Looking at family pictures albums: This habit also helps to bring back to your mind fond memories of your childhood, your family, your children, your adventures and your travels over the years. If you find yourself upset after encounters with some sour persons or you’ve just had a bad deal or some confrontational conversations, relaxing at home looking at fond pictures albums does help in some way to lift your spirits.

6. Watching favorite TV channels or Videos: Some people love cartoons, sports, travels, adventures or just plain musicals to help lift their spirits. Whichever of these you feel good about is a mood booster which helps your relaxation.

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