Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Do You Know How to Make a Million Naira?

Do you know that you can make as much money as you choose to make by merely reading this article? Warning! This article is not a magic wand for making millions. If you want instant millions, you should be reading something else not this article. What I think you should be reading are the lottery numbers and the game of chance. But let me caution you that the law of chance is a tricky law. “It permits you to win just often enough to lure you on to sure destruction.” Run as far away from gambling as you can for your own sake. All that gamblers do daily is to attempt to circumvent the natural law of reciprocity. They believe they can reap where they did not sow. Their nemesis is guaranteed by the law of chance even before the law of reciprocity takes its course in their affairs.

Know it today my friend if you do not already know that you must sow before you can ever reap. What you sow is in direct proportion to what you reap. This is in tune with the natural law of “Cause and Effect.” Be assured however, that this article can help you to make millions if you understand what it teaches. It may not show you what you can do to make a million instantly because it is not a gambling book. Do not be discouraged though. You can still make millions if you choose to. All you have to do is use the secrets herewith revealed. Many of the secrets are hinted in this discussion. Pay attention to them. What immediately follows is one of such secrets.

Do you know how to make a million Naira? Simple! All you have to do is to make a product or render a service that will earn you N1 in a million units or N10 in 100,000 units or N100 in 10,000 units or N1000 in 1000 units or N10,000 in 100 units or N100,000 in 10 units or N1 million in only one unit. Making a million Naira does not appear as difficult as it sounds. Does it?

This article reveals a few more money-making secrets many people choose to ignore. You can make a million in several ways and through various endeavors if you just follow the rules of wealth creation. “It is much easier to make a million doing something you enjoy and are excited about for its own sake than to make a million purely to make a million” says Dan Kennedy a foremost American business consultant. Getting yourself to be self-employed is the surest way to making real and legitimate money. It is clearer now that you too can make as much money as you are capable of making if you just follow the rules. What you choose by your actions and or inactions is what you get. This is one more secret you now know. Congratulations!

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