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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Emerging Smart Online Marketing Tools

Are you an online marketer? Do you love to showcase your business online? Here is some good news for you. If you have been marketing online for some time, you must have come to the realization that about 84% of consumers do not trust traditional forms of advertising. Great! And that poses very many new advertising challenges for online marketers. With that, they inevitably turn to new and emerging online marketing tools. These tools enable marketers to transform marketing away from stagnant strategy to streamlined messaging across multiple platforms. This wealth of emerging tools is thus enabling marketers to take advantage of new and highly effective opportunities for communicating with audiences. The results are fantastic and marketers are really excited. If you have some experience in marketing, you must have noticed that as the role of content marketing changes, so do the relationships of brands with existing and new fans. That is largely the reason why marketers are now turning to data visualization tools, multi-channel marketing and social amplification tools to solidify relationships between brands and their audiences.

There are very glaring and highly innovative marketing techniques as discussed here. Smart marketers now prefer influencer marketing because of the quality of networks, content and measurable experiences that influencers deliver. You however need skills, real marketing skills to make the best out of influencer marketing techniques.

No doubt you are aware that there are literally hundreds of millions of marketing messages out there on the Internet. With so many messages out there, if you want very good results from your marketing efforts, it’s more necessary than ever to understand what your audience and its influencers really care about. With increased and more aggressive competition out there, smart marketers are increasingly relying on smart tools like, BuzzSumo, Netflix and Social media to boost their marketing efforts. Here is what they get.

01. BuzzSumo helps marketers to gain access to media consumption metrics.

02. Social media inspires consumer behavior two times more than paid ads.

03. BuzzSumo allows marketers to see top authors and influencers for nearly any search term. 

04.  BuzzSumo allows users some privileged view into who their consumers are and who is influencing them, making it possible for them to turn around and target from the source down.

05. Consumers are increasingly clicking out of ads and subscribing to services like Netflix. That negates the ad experience completely.

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