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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Why it is Important to Have a Good SFI Account Photo

I am sure you will agree with me that no one likes to do business with a ghost. SFI affiliate accounts photos present affiliates to themselves as human beings and not ghosts. That is the major reason why SFI insists that the photos must be good and acceptable ones for business. The very reason SFI must approve them first before the photos are displayed in affiliates’ accounts. This is because you are the face of your business and people see you first before they know or even care about what you do. That is why it is very important to have a very good SFI account photo. What people see in a photo may even be the primary determinant of who they chose to do business with. SFI is a business, a real business, you know. 


That brings us to the issue of what a good photo is or rather, what makes a good photo. I believe a good photo for SFI should have the following qualities:

1. It must be the affiliate’s image and not that of a celebrity, pet, animation, avatar or any other person’s.

2. It should not be too crowded in background as to contain other people and or distractions.

3. It should be a portrait that fits snugly into the placeholder provided and not a full size or family photo.

4. It should be very clear and very sharp with a friendly color background. It should not be fuzzy or blurry but must make the affiliate look friendly and pleasant enough to do business with.

5. It should show a direct look at the camera so as to appear as if the affiliate is looking everyone directly in their eyes.

6. It should be able to communicate professionalism and not a make-believe model appearance.

7. It should be good looking and clear enough for your PSAs and CSAs to see and relate with.

8. It should not be too casual so as not to make the affiliate seem like a clown or an unserious person.

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