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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How to Stand Out From the Crowd in SFI Business

Yes indeed! Thousands of affiliates are doing practically the same things in SFI but with varying results. According to Zig Ziglar, “Successful people do not do different things. They do things differently.” That is why they are successful. So it is in SFI. In SFI, thousands affiliates do the same things to promote their businesses. The affiliates who stand out are those who manage to do these things differently. That is how we all get varying and various results in our businesses as SFI affiliates


To stand out in SFI, you must find a very personal and result-oriented way to do the following in the business and with the business.

1. Advertising.
2. Products promotion.
3. Sponsoring.
4. Mentoring.
5. Associating.
6. Socializing.
7. Reading.
8. Communicating.
9. Planning.
10. Executing.
11. Evaluating.
12. Goals-setting.

You will agree with me that these are the major things thousands of SFI affiliates do in SFI on daily basis. You will stand out if you manage to find the best ways to do all these and more things differently. The results you are getting will speak eloquently for you and these results will make you to stand out amongst thousands of your peers.

Best wishes.

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