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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Time is Where the Money Is

Many of us live by selling our time. Time therefore is a precious commodity to human existence, welfare and well-being. Any commodity that is so precious must be jealously guarded and protected at all times. Unfortunately many people still drift around and waste their time doing things that have no direct bearing on how they can better their lives. Anchor yourself somewhere if you are a drifter. If you are not but you know someone who is, help them to find an anchor by giving them a copy of this article to read. Time is too precious a commodity to waste, believe me.

The use of time and how you grow the proceeds from your work are major determinants of how smart you work. The smart use of the time available to you determines how efficient and effective you can be in your business. To drive this point home, here is a paraphrase of some lyrics from a song that once dominated the Nigerian airwaves. It was made popular by a Nigerian musician. It goes like this:

“Time na money oh
Time na money.
No waka waka.
No gossip gossip.
No spoil another man.
Make you use your time well.
Use your time money go come.
Money no dey fall from heaven.
Use your time money go come.
Na true word I dey tell you so………”

This song may have been written in Pidgin English but the meaning is clear. “Time is money.” Effective and efficient usage of your time will earn you money. No more, no less.

“Efficiency is doing a job right” while “Effectiveness is doing the right job.” You could be effective without being efficient and you could be efficient without necessarily being effective. What matters in business is effective efficiency or efficient effectiveness. That is, doing the right job right always. It is not enough to be busy, the question is, what are you busy doing? If you do the right job well, the results are highly rewarding. No matter how well you do the wrong job, you can never get satisfactory results.

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