Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tips on How to Work at Home to Get Results

Are you working at home? Do you intend to work at home? If yes, just read this very carefully. Experts say, millions of people are now working at home to earn a living. They also say the main attraction is really the flexibility and informality involved in working at home. Working at home no doubt has many challenges but these here 5 tips can help you to overcome these challenges.

01. Deliberately prepare for work. Part of this preparation is to plan your work for each day well in advance and to determine how long you will be working for that day. When the day arrives, take deliberate steps, including dressing up to get ready for work as you will normally do in a formal work environment.  When you dress up for work, it is easier to take yourself more seriously and to maintain a workplace attitude while at work. You must work only in your designated work space within the house by going there each day with a mindset to work.


02. Be organized. Even if you work at home, experts advise that you must have a work plan and you must make efforts to work this plan. The informality involved in working at home should not be an excuse for you not to plan your work for each day. The number of hours must be known and all the work you will do to fit into those hours must be in your work plan before you commence work for the day. A to-do list can help you to be more organized and less tempted to slack off or multi-task. That way, you can guarantee efficiency and effectiveness even though you are working informally.

03. Avoid distractions. Yes, no doubt, working at home can have a lot of distractions. These distractions could emanate from your TV set, visitors, spouses, kids and even pets. Doing some pressing household chores also constitute a major distraction. You must be professional enough to know how to keep all these distractions away when you settle down to work.

04. Take short breaks at intervals. Taking short breaks at regular intervals to stroll around or to grab a cup of tea/coffee is one great way to fight fatigue. Short breaks also help you to take in some fresh air, relax your eyes, stretch aching muscles and gather your thoughts. On getting back to work after each short break, you are usually more focused, more efficient and more productive.

05. Be focused. When the day’s work begins, you must do everything possible to remain focused totally on the work to be done while taking all necessary actions to get the work done as scheduled. You must avoid doing personal and unproductive things during your work period. You should endeavor to follow your to-do list one item at a time until you fully tick off everything you have scheduled to be done in each period.

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