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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

6 Absolute Don’ts When Building Your Brand Online

These days, if you want to be taken seriously in your business, you must find a way to brand it online. Your online presence is so very important that you can not afford to make avoidable mistakes. Here are some vital things which if not done correctly can hamper your business success.

01. Failing to choose a unique brand name. The uniqueness is very important here because your business will be competing with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of other businesses online. It pays to do a thorough market research online to find a brand name that is trendy and unique which will help push your business smoothly online. Check and be sure that a suitable .com domain is available for the unique name you have chosen before you decide. You can not afford to be too careful here.

02. Failing to Google your brand. You can not afford to ignore Google search engine which currently accounts for around 60% of all search results. You can Google your brand name often to see how the results pan out. It is now common knowledge that a majority of people use Google as their primary search engine. People will find your business by simply typing in your brand name then wait for the search results to get information about your business. Your unique brand name will help to get your business on top of the highest search result hits. That way, you could manage to be one step ahead your competitors in search results.

03. Failing to mention what you do. Online surfers always have very limited time to read things through. Be sure that the business you are putting out there tells everyone what you do at a quick glance. It is reckless to assume that everyone knows what your company does, especially if you have a unique name that doesn't explicitly describe the trade or nature of the business. It is important that you let your Website visitors know what it is that you can do for them and how you are different from others. It helps to proudly let people know what makes your business stand out from other similar businesses and how that can benefit them.

04. Failing to back up your data. It is very surprising that in this age and time, many business owners still neglect or fail totally to back up their data online. Apart from losing access to your domain for very many reasons, your files could be corrupted by viruses making them unreadable and or inaccessible. That can cause your business a very huge embarrassment and loss of patronage. Backing up your data online is a very smart thing to do and expert advice helps out there.

05. Failing to go social. Because of the extreme popularity of social media sites, getting your business out in them can help it go viral within a very short while. Sites like LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and many others like them are great places to have accounts and to participate actively. The purpose of social media is to network with others very actively. Through active online conversations, it is possible for you to display how you feel about certain subjects, and to let people get to see your personality and your expertise about certain topics which can benefit your business. 

06. Failing to get expert help. Every business has its own experts. These are people who have been there long before you and who know exactly what to do. Networking with such people can help your business a great deal. For website building and hosting, you need expert help even at a fee. Search Engine Optimization, SEO, also requires some expert help because of the technicalities involved. Paying for these expert services is worth it if the results directly benefit your business.

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