Saturday, 22 October 2016

6 Effective Website Linking Tips

Every smart online marketer values website traffic a great deal. Backlinking is one very effective way to get this traffic. Internal links help search engine spiders or bots find and index content easily and correctly. Internal links literally guide search engine bots throughout your site, providing a web upon which spiders crawl among your site's interlinking URLs. On finding your good content, the engines do add it to the enormous database of information used to retrieve pages that match any searcher's query. That is how important backlinks are in helping your Search Engine Optimization, SEO, efforts. 

To understand your website’s current link structure and profile, it is advisable to run it through a free tool such as Open Site Explorer. That done, you then discover any unlinked pages which you can then take quick steps to link up within the site. For effects, you can include at least one relevant, contextual link within every blog post to another post on your site. This simple trick ensures your blog posts always link to other pages on your site which is good for your SEO efforts.

To get the most out of your internal-linking activities, these here tips can be of enormous help.

01. It is advisable to use a standard linking color convention on your site to avoid confusion. Most websites use blue to indicate a hyperlink. If you do use another color, the rule is to use it consistently so readers begin to recognize your links with ease.

 02. Avoid padding any page with links unless you want it to look spammy to visitors. Bots routinely flag spammy pages as poor quality.

03. Use a relevant anchor text to create links. A keyword-rich anchor text somehow improves your internal-link profile and enables search engine bots index your site effortlessly.

04. Avoid the use of links from Flash, JavaScript or other plug-ins because bots usually can’t read them very well.

05. Never fail to make your links natural for human readers first, rather than prioritize search engines.

06. Do not add links merely for internal-linking purposes. Links must add value to the page itself and to the user experience.

With the help of Google Webmaster tools providing the intelligence information you need, it is possible for you to quickly fix crawl errors found on your website. Doing so makes the work of search engine crawling bots easy for them to do. That is because when spiders encounter blocks, they stop crawling. By the time you fix crawl errors, you increase the odds of the bots indexing more pages within your site. That is enormously beneficial for your SEO efforts.

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