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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Credible Reasons Why You May Not Be Earning Enough Links

Many online marketers deliberately build links for Search Engine Optimization, SEO enhancement purposes. They also know that it is in their best interest to build links in a natural way. This they do mostly by smart link building through guest posting or co-op opportunities, but for the most part, they try to attract links naturally by way of heavy reliance on posting very good content consistently and reliably. These natural link building techniques may appear simple but in actual fact, they are a bit complex. If you rely on natural link building techniques and you are not getting enough links, the following reasons may be responsible.

01. Your content is not linkable. If you are an experienced online marketer, let me simply assume that the content you post is always very good. That each time you post, you are indeed offering something new and very useful to your target audience. If your content manages to generate some excitement through generous comments and plenty of shares, it is expected to be getting good links there from. If that is not happening, it could mean that your content is not linkable. That means people do not like very much what they are reading from you and therefore unwilling to link to you.

02. You are not doing sufficient link building. Guest posting easily comes handy in link building if well utilized. If your content is good enough and the publisher is authoritative, any manual link you build can start passing authority immediately. In addition, any external publication channels you tap will serve as valuable additions to your syndication and visibility network. What all that boils down to is that you’ll be guaranteed more total inbound links, and at the same time, you’ll increase your potential for reaching new audiences and attracting new links. If you are not doing these, it means you are not doing sufficient link building and that affects your SEO strategy adversely.

03. Your content is not good enough. If your content is not good enough, it simply means, it is guilty of one, two or more of the following. It means it is not original, not relevant, not well-researched, not detailed, not concise, not useful, not entertaining, not educative, not informative and even written in pretty bad English. If any of these factors are off, even an otherwise good piece of content can be downgraded by search engines from a “linkable asset” to a basic article. That adversely affects its ability to attract links.

04. You are not scaling your content enough. Never make the mistake of writing the same types of content to the same audiences through the same channels and hope to see better and better results. These things don’t always work out that way. If your desire is to earn more links, the efforts you are investing must increase proportionately. You must make conscious and deliberate efforts to produce better content for more receptive audiences online. You can spice that up by branching out in new social contexts, new groups and with new distribution channels. You must find new influencers to engage with, and also increase your engagement with your own users. Since strategies don’t scale by themselves you have to invest your own efforts to scale your content. That is what works to get good links.

05. You are not syndicating your content enough. In the past, marketers really believed and acted with the notion that “good content attracts links on its own.” These days, no matter how good your content is, if you want it to attract good links fast enough, you must make efforts to syndicate it. Even if the followers you already have will help share your content, you must find ways to compliment that by your own deliberate efforts through content syndication. You can do that effectively by syndicating your published material on your own social media channels and pushing it as far and as wide as you can on your own to attract backlinks. 
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