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Friday, 21 October 2016

Relationship between SEO and Internal Links

Many experienced online marketers now know that to succeed in link building, you can’t rely on shady tactics or automated placement. These things must be well planned and systematic if you want good results. It is always advisable to build links in a natural way. That is what is good for your search engine optimization, SEO because of their delicate relationship. For a simple explanation of this relationship, internal links help search engine spiders or bots find and index website content better and faster. These links help to distill and spread what is called “link juice” throughout your site. They provide a web upon which spiders/bots crawl among your site's interlinking URLs. Once these search engine spiders or bots find your content, they can add it to the enormous database of information used to retrieve pages that match a searcher's query. That helps in your SEO ranking which enables site visitors to find you more easily. 

Internal linking greatly helps to make the job of the bots easier. If you can through deliberate efforts make the job of the bots easier, they tend to like you better and reward you adequately. This they do by way of better and faster ranking of your site contents. That can be really great for your SEO efforts. Here is the catch! If a search engine has thousands of pages to crawl and it gets to the end of a page without finding another link, it’s going to move on to another site. Even if you have more pages, it will take the search engine a longer time to find them. Good internal linking helps to solve that problem by keeping the bots longer and busier on your site. That is what is good for your SEO efforts and beneficial to your business overall.

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