Thursday, 27 October 2016

How to Build Links by Building Relationships

If you are marketing online, you may be aware of the very simple fact that link building is a slow process. No matter how authoritative and experienced you are in link building, you must have to take deliberate steps to build links naturally and systematically. Have you ever heard of relationship building? Great if you have! Relationship building is simply the new link building process in town. What you need to start doing is build relationships with websites and the people who are their driving force. This you can do by searching and finding reputable websites within the domain you are operating from and the people (influencers) who are behind these websites. That done, you can then identify a goal which you and these websites share in common. It is that common goal which can act as a catalyst for a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with these websites. That in a nutshell is a highly beneficial relationship building which is good for your backlink strategy.

When established, relationships must be nurtured. That is where outreaching becomes very important. To do it right, you need to be personal in what you are bringing to the table that will benefit others you are cultivating a relationship with. It becomes a win, win situation for all parties involved if they easily see how the relationships will benefit them and their businesses. Guest blogging easily comes to mind in such relationships. If for instance you guest-blog high authority content that attracts more readers to the host blog, you get quality backlinks readily. Your host blog will be glad to have you because of the steady traffic your quality blog brings to it. That kind of arrangement makes for a great relationship. It is the nature of your relationship with the host website and the people behind it that usually sets the stage for natural link building. That scenario is what impresses major search engines particularly Google to index your site favorably. Great for your backlink building strategy no doubt!

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