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Thursday, 8 December 2016

How to Be a Fantastic Salesperson

“Everybody lives by selling something.” --- Robert Louis Stevenson

To be a fantastic salesperson, here is what you need in abundance:

Good-Health and Energy: You need good-health at all times to be able to sell. When you are unhealthy, your thinking is distorted, your spirit is low, your drive is reduced, your enthusiasm is deflated and your general effectiveness will be seriously impaired. Not many people will want to do business with a sick man.

A Friendly Disposition: According to ancient Chinese, “A man without a smile should not open a shop.” A friendly Salesperson is usually very effective. You must learn to smile and to put customers at ease. A keen sense of humor is an icing on the cake. Facial expression, the correct body language, voice-tone and voice-moderation all enhance your friendly disposition.

Persuasiveness: A good Salesperson must be familiar with the motives that move people to buy. That is, what motivates them to buy? Different people have different motivations for making purchases. Every buyer has a motive for buying. The product may appeal to the person’s reason, their instinct or their emotion. These are the main motivating factors for buying. Armed with this, a Salesperson should be able to persuade a prospective buyer while using these sentiments. People may refuse to buy initially because of lack of money, lack of time, lack of sufficient information, the need not pressing enough and any such other reason. A good Salesperson works to find a way around these obstacles to make a sale. You should never allow a “No” answer to dissuade you from making a sale. You should always find a way to turn the “No” to a “Yes” through skillful persuasion. It is imperative that you display enormous tolerance, accurate thinking, initiative and self-control. You should never pick offense if and when you are turned down. You should always try to act the impression that a turn-down is temporary and that the matter could be revisited when the obstacles have been cleared. Form the habit of making repeated calls on a Customer even if your calls are not yielding immediate fruits.

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