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Thursday, 8 December 2016

How to be an Effective Salesperson

“Everybody lives by selling something.” --- Robert Louis Stevenson

To be an effective salesperson, here is what you need in abundance:

Balanced and up-to-date information: Good Salespersons must be well-informed and knowledgeable about their Product and their Customers. You must know your Product in and out and be conversant with all the new trends that affect the Product. You must be able to size-up your Customer to see if he or she is motivated enough to buy, to see if they can afford to buy, to see if they need to buy and finally to find out if they want to buy. If they want to buy and they can’t afford the money, you can work out a favorable credit arrangement to see if that will help them make up their minds. If they are not motivated enough to buy, you can skillfully work on their emotions or you reinforce the reasons why they need to buy from you. If you do not have sufficient knowledge about your product and its market you will experience some handicap trying to persuade anyone to buy from you.  

Empathy: You must be able to show real and genuine empathy to your Customers. Make friends with them. Show concern and care even for their private affairs where and when it is prudent to do so. Always mentally swap places with the Customer to see whether if you were in their shoes how your reaction will be. Take their reluctance to heart and see how you can gradually help them to arrive at favorable decisions. Show genuine concern and willingness to be of help even if you do not make a sale at that material time. 

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