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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Why Every Human Achievement First Begins as a Dream

“Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”-- Napoleon Hill

Every achievement of man began as a dream. The ranks of the rich are full of dreamers. What is it you desire most in life? Visualize yourself first as having what you desire and take steps to acquire it. Remember, if you want to be a millionaire, you must think and dream like a millionaire. All over the world, those who have made the most difference are those who started as dreamers. They dreamed and acted on their dreams and the world has never been the same again. Ironically, millions of Nigerians are in the poverty bracket because they have not managed to swim against the tide of life in the race to wealth. A dogged persistence to hold fast to your dreams is what separates those who make it rich and those who do not. Quitting when the first obstacle is encountered is the hallmark of the poor. Whereas the rich even if they encounter inevitable obstacles always manage to hold fast to their dreams and strive on till they overcome.

During the struggle for the independence of India, Mahatma Gandhi, the man whom the British press loved to call “half-naked fakir”, took on the British Empire through a campaign of non-violent civil-disobedience called “Ahimsa.” He dreamed of a free India devoid of colonial rule and held on fast to his dreams. Without a regular army, without any lethal weapons of war, he took on a well armed and organized opponent. Talk of the power of dreams! He mobilized the entire Indian population behind him and dared the British Empire. The British did everything to break his will but failed in all departments. They later did what became the most honorable thing to do by granting independence to India in 1947.

 I have a dream.”  This was the famous speech Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. made on August 28, 1963 to an audience of more than 200,000 at Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. This is the speech that aroused American conscience and indeed the entire world. Dr. King followed closely Gandhi’s teachings and he too was able to confront the segregation laws of his country USA with well-organized Civil Rights marches. He was arrested and jailed several times with threats of death permanently trailing him. Before his unfortunate assassination in 1968, many American Public Institutions have been largely desegregated. That America is largely a free society today is attributable to the efforts of Dr. King and his fellow Civil Rights marchers who dreamed big dreams, held fast to their dreams and took steps to actualize them. When a dream is mixed with confidence, determination, persistence and faith, it will materialize. This is one of the secrets of money making.

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