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Friday, 16 December 2016

The Seeds of Success and Wealth Sprout from Dreams

“Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”-- Napoleon Hill

Yes indeed! The seeds of success and wealth sprout from dreams. The seeds of big success sprout from big dreams. If you dream the impossible, you achieve the impossible noting quite clearly that “impossibility” is only a thing of the mind. Big dreams challenge the mind and the intellect of man. These are the dreams little minds usually misconstrue as impossible dreams. Whatever one person has succeeded in doing, another person can do same and even better. Your rate of achievement is in direct proportion to the size of your dreams, your passion to follow-up on your dreams and your determination to succeed. Money making follows a similar pattern. If you dream little dreams, you stand a very good chance of making little money. Life is a fair and just employer. It only pays you what you deserve by your own efforts and nothing more. If however you dream big dreams and make follow-up commitments, the results will overwhelm you. Remember always that in the quest for wealth accumulation, those who succeed do not necessarily do different things, they do things differently. This is what has always made the difference and will continue to make the difference between the rich and the poor.

“It is the first duty of every man not to be poor,” posits George Bernard Shaw. He should know because his era witnessed poverty in its cruelest form in human history. Everyone has a clear choice to make and that includes you. World famous motivational speaker and writer Dr. Robert H. Schuller posits that “nothing is impossible.” He has a valid point. Something may appear impossible to you because you are yet to address your mind fully to it. Remember, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

Take the ageless Biblical story of David and Goliath related here slightly out of context. We are told that Goliath was a terrifying giant warrior while David was a tiny shepherd boy. David’s kinsmen were so terrified of Goliath that they felt the wisest thing to do was to avoid him. Many believed it was impossible to confront Goliath. As the story goes, David felt otherwise. While his kinsmen saw Goliath as too big to hit, David saw him as too big to miss. He elected to confront Goliath. Armed with his faith in God and his seemingly impossible dream of ending once and for all the crippling threats from Goliath, he challenged Goliath to a duel. David went into this epic battle armed with only a sling as a weapon. We all know that David killed Goliath and the rest is Biblical history. David dreamed and believed he could and he did. We now know that “the impossible becomes the possible when a man and his God confront a problem.” Whatever is your lot my friend, start dreaming today. The future belongs to dreamers who will have the sense of purpose to actualize their dreams.

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