Thursday, 26 January 2017

Good Tips for Winning the Eager Zebra Gold Streak Game

I am not a Trivia Games freak but I have studied and participated in the Gold Streak games. Even though I have never won, I believe the following useful tips can help someone to win.

1. To take part in the games, you are working against precise timing so you must have full concentration without any distractions.
2. Think out your answers very well before you venture them.
3. You are competing with yourself so take it as fun along the way.
4. You can co-opt family members and or friends to think out answers with you.
5. Be sure you have enough TCredits in your kitty before you enter the games.
6. Play the games as often as you can afford to learn the ropes.
7. Read every question very carefully before you answer.
8. Don’t set your eyes only on the Zackpot. Consolation prizes are helpful too.
9. Train yourself for the games with some dry-runs you can design for yourself.
10. When you get knocked out, learn a lesson to help you enter the next game.

Hope this information helps? A very Good Luck at the games.

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