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Friday, 27 January 2017

How to Motivate your Downline to Spend Money to Maintain EA Status

There is only one very effective way of dealing/motivating your downline without the suspicion of ulterior motive. That way is to let all you do for them sound like and look like it is all “about them” and not “about you.” Remove yourself from the picture all the time and give your team members the satisfaction that you are genuinely helping them. That is the only potent way through which you can’t sound “greedy” to them if you want to motivate them to spend some money in their business. Let them know that to maintain EA status monthly they need to spend a little money in Tripleclicks store. And that if they are able to do so, they stand to benefit in the following ways. 


1. They get to share from TripleClicks Executive Pool Commissions monthly.
2. They get 10 bonus TCredits monthly to use for all transactions in TripleClicks store.
3. They get awarded at least 2 Co-Sponsored Affiliates monthly.
4. They get a befitting badge showing EA status displayed in their Home Page.
5. When they rate ASK SC answers, their scores are weighted 2 per vote.
6. They get the satisfaction of becoming Real Executives in their business.
7. Instead of earning monthly income in only 2 ways, as EA, they earn income in 6 very unique ways.
8. If they are Fast-Track Members, they earn 15% more income from the Executive Pool.

You must have noted from the foregoing that everything is about what “they” will benefit and not what “you” will benefit even though you as their sponsor, you stand to benefit from their efforts as well. When you get them to believe that it is all about them, it is possible to motivate them to spend some money monthly ostensibly for their sole benefits. You will therefore not sound greedy to them when you keep urging them on to maintain at least EA status from month to month.

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