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Friday, 27 January 2017

How Best to Utilize Monthly Standing Order of TCredits

There are very many things you can do with TCredits in SFI business. Since the number of TCredits in your monthly Standing Order is merely hypothetical, it is safe to assume a number of 125 TCredits for three strategic reasons. 


1. The Standing Order of 125 TCredits earns you 1500 VP.
2. The 1500 VP makes you EA outright for the month.
3. You get an additional 100 VP for having the SO in place.

Apart from these three reasons, 125 TCredits is what I have in my own Standing Order and here is how I utilize them monthly. Buying TCredits in Standing Order usually gives me what I call “double whammy” benefits. Let me tell you why.

The first benefit is that I get 1500 VP with my SO of 125 TCredits. That automatically earns me EA for the month plus another 100 VP for having the SO in place. The second benefit is that I use the TCredits to buy other items at TripleClicks, use them in PriceBenders auctions and participate in Eager Zebra Games. Using the TCredits at auctions and games also earns me VersaPoints and Member Reward Points even if I do not win the auctions. I could also win some auctions too, who knows? I hardly know of any other strategy in SFI with such multiple benefits as buying TCredits in Standing Order.

I hope this information is helpful?

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