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Friday, 27 January 2017

How Best to Advise ECAs on Which Products to Sell

I am of the view that it is not part of your business to advise your ECAs which products to sell and what prices they should charge. I hardly know how any outfit can be rightly called an ECA if they do not know what to sell and even the prices to charge for their products. I believe you may be stepping out of line if you make these assumptions. This is because it is possible that many ECAs may be very experienced e-commerce business outfits and many may even be more experienced in the business than you are. That you introduced them to SFI/TripleClicks does not necessarily mean that they can’t find their ways around such business. ECAs (except you personally own them) are in no way answerable to you whether they succeed in the business or not. Granted that it is in your best interest to see them succeed, I have no doubt they too also want to succeed with or without your undue interference in their business.

What I think is important is for you to encourage your ECAs to study TripleClicks listing rules thoroughly and to comply fully with the rules. You can offer yourself as a stand-by advisor but that advice must first be solicited by the ECA. If not, please allow your ECAs the freedom to do their business as they see fit with minimal interference.

Best wishes.

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