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Friday, 27 January 2017

Why You Need Email Capture and Auto-responder on Your Blog

YES, you can set up an email capture and auto-responder on your blog. I am inclined to believe you have a blog already which is designed to bring traffic to your site. Your lead capture page is the best place for your email capture feature. Your auto-responder is designed to automatically send out pre-designed messages to your site visitors through the emails your site has captured from your site visitors. 


Since you can’t be online 24 hours/day, your auto-responder fills in for you when you are not online. That way, your business can be effectively open 24/7 with excellent results. Just as affiliates differ from one another, their goals, strategies and objectives in SFI also differ. That is why it is very difficult to say exactly what you can put in the series. Suffice it to say however, that you are involved in online marketing of your business just like every other affiliate in SFI. That is what determines what gets into your campaign. A few of the following examples will suffice for the sake of the second part of your question. You can have several email messages that aim to promote:

1. Becoming SFI affiliate.
2. Membership of TripleClicks.
3. Becoming ECA.
4. Becoming a member of WAVE 3.
5. Advertising specific products at TripleClicks.
6. Inviting participants to Pricebenders auctions.
7. Inviting participants to Eager Zebra games.
8. Advertising personal testimonies of satisfied SFI affiliates.
9. Advertising SFI weekly news bulletins.
10. Advertising SFI blog.

People who read all these emails could be converted to be your business partners as in PSAs or TripleClicks customers. Either way, your SFI business is better for it.


Happy marketing!!!

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