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Thursday, 26 January 2017

How to Explain Fast-Track Membership to New SFI Affiliates

Fast-Track is a special program designed for new, motivated SFI Affiliates wanting to get started building their businesses right away. Any honest and ambitious business person is always looking for business boosters to enhance his/her business. That is exactly what becoming a Fast-Track member represents in SFI. If you let new affiliates know about that, their curiosity will be sufficiently aroused to want to know more. That is when you have the chance to explain to them what they stand to gain by becoming Fast-Track members. Give them the following facts. 


When you purchase New Member Pack, NMP within your first week of joining SFI, you get the following benefits.

1. You purchase the New Member Pack, NMP valued $61.90 for just $20 making a saving of $41.90.
2. On purchase you get 200 Member Reward Points, MRP.
3. You get 50 TCredits.
4. You get 10 EZ Express tokens.
5. You get 3 CSAs added to your team.
6. You get 500 VP to use in TripleClicks store.

On becoming a member, you get the following additional benefits.

1. 250 VP monthly.
2. 30 free entries in Daily Grand monthly.
3. 10% fast-Track bonus shares.
4. Exclusive Fast-track Member Badge for your home page.
5. Your name and photo included in SFI Fast-Track Wall of Fame.
6. Exclusive Fast-Track Member Certificate suitable for framing.
7. Exclusive Fast-Track Member Lapel Pin. 


Taking a closer look at the above, you will see that they are all SFI business-booster benefits. It is therefore easy to explain to new affiliates the exclusive benefits they stand to gain by becoming Fast-Track Members within their first week of joining SFI. 

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