Thursday, 26 January 2017

Effects of SFI Co-op and Starting a Blog about SFI

Creating your own SFI co-op and starting a blog are both very useful to your SFI business but in separate ways. While your own co-op helps more to maintain your team and your business, a blog brings more exposure, traffic and leads to the business.


Specifically, your co-op adds value to your business by:
1. Creating an atmosphere for group efforts for individual benefits.
2. Helping weaker group members to tag along with substantial benefits.
3. Helping to keep all team members motivated.
4. Leaning on one another for collective benefits.
5. Helping to pool little resources together for bigger benefits.
6. Learning from one another as co-op members.
7. Creating a competitive spirit among team members.
8. Helping to build a formidable team by collective efforts.
9. Helping team members to achieve more than they would have achieved by individual efforts.
10. A co-op is a veritable way to help team members remain in SFI as a business.

Whereas when you start a blog, your business benefits by:
1. Having something of value to share online.
2. A blog creates an atmosphere of expertise which attracts the much-needed traffic/leads to your business.
3. A blog attracts to your business more PRMs and PSAs which are very valuable to the business.
4. A blog helps to build respectability and trust in your business.
5. It makes people want to relate with you and do business with you because they benefit from what you are sharing.
6. A blog gives the business owner a sense of usefulness and fulfillment because others rely on him/her for expert help.
7. Your business commands a lot respect online when it has a good blog. 


While a co-op helps to maintain your business in a profitable course, a blog attracts more traffic and leads to the business thereby helping to grow the business in exponential ways. On balance, I believe a blog provides more value to your business than a co-op. 

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