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Thursday, 26 January 2017

How to Use Webinars for Marketing and Training in SFI Business

Webinars are very effective marketing strategies online. If you do not have a customized website to host them, you can register FREE on some other sites like AnyMeeting.com to host your webinars. From there, you can post your lessons regularly to your downline. Even with non-professionals, many of these sites provide very good support, training and infrastructure for good webinars. That makes them very easy for any interested marketer to use.

However, for your webinars to be very effective in SFI business, you must take the following into account:

1. First, find out through research the degree of interest your downline has for webinars.
2. You must know very well the subject matter of your webinar.
3. You must be an undisputed authority on the subject matter of your webinar.
4. Take into account the time zones globally when delivering your subject.
5. Factor in cultural, linguistic and regional considerations/sensibilities when delivering your webinar.
6. Encourage visual contacts and feedback in your webinars.
7. Be time conscious when delivering your webinars.
8. Schedule webinars well in advance at specified times.
9. Research your subject matter thoroughly and regularly and ensure you are up-to-date.
10. Make sure you keep all promises you make in your webinars.

No sensible marketer will get involved in webinars because everyone else is into them. What matters is how best webinars can help your marketing efforts. That is why you must endeavor to make your webinars interesting, informative and useful. Taking the above tips into account before you embark on the use of webinars greatly enhances their effectiveness.

Best of luck in your campaigns!

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