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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Most Effective ads for Sponsoring Quality Affiliates

Basically, the best and most effective ads every SFI affiliate needs for sponsoring quality affiliates are:

1. Ads which are catchy and attractive to the eyes.
2. Ads which command instant attention.
3. Ads which are brief and very “punchy.”
4. Ads which instantly arouse curiosity.
5. Ads which arouse excitement.
6. Ads which promise a benefit.
7. Ads which move perfect strangers to act favorably.
8. Ads written in a language you understand.
9. Ads which are not unduly hyped.
10. Ads which guarantee safety and privacy. 


Fundamentally, SFI provides many FREE ads for its affiliates which have many of the above characteristics. Therefore, you do not need any brainstorming to come up with ads which are effective in SFI. If however you are quite savvy at designing ads, you are best advised to ensure that your ads have one or more of the following 10 words. These words will largely be responsible to make such ads very effective online.

1. Fast.
2. Guaranteed.
3. Limited.
4. Easy/Simple.
5. Testimonial.
6. Discount/Sale.
7. Free.
8. Important.
9. You/Your.
10. New.

With these words in your ads in combination with the ads characteristics listed above, you get some of the best and most effective ads online which you can use in sponsoring quality affiliates. Just give it a trial right now, the results will amaze you. 

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