Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How to Transform Website Traffic into SFI Sign-Ups

These days, most SFI affiliates are hunting for sign-ups to build their downlines. If your Website has good traffic, it is a very big plus in this business. It is from this traffic you can get business leads and PSA sign-ups. I believe you can transform your Website traffic into sign-ups if you do the following.

1. Display banners in your Website with your Gateways links.
2. Link some words and phrases in your blog posts to your Gateways.
3. Promote SFI/TripleClicks products in your Website.
4. Write articles about SFI business in your blog linking some of the words to your Gateways.
5. Use the signature feature of your blog/forum posts to promote SFI and link it to your Gateways.
6. Advertise freebees on your Website to entice and obtain contact information from your site visitors for follow-up with email marketing of your Gateways.

If your Website traffic is good, chances are that some of your site visitors will click on these links and hopefully make up their minds to sign-up in SFI. That is how it works.

Resolve to give it a try and see how it works. Good luck!!!

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