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Thursday, 26 January 2017

How to Welcome Back a Dormant Affiliate to SFI Business

By all means YES, you must always acknowledge a dormant affiliate getting back into the business.  It also pays to appreciate them too. Every affiliate is an asset or at the very worst a potential asset. Even the one that had stayed away for a long time and returns should be welcomed with plenty of enthusiasm. The reasons why an affiliate may stay away from the business could be very many and varied too with some clearly personal. That is why you should welcome them back with enthusiasm irrespective of why they stayed away. My advice is that you should take such persons through the ropes again as you ordinarily would a new affiliate. Specifically on your own affiliate, I believe you should do the following:

1. Send her a very cute welcome back E-card.
2. Ask her through same method if she needs any specific help from you.
3. Let her know the advantages and or benefits of working the business daily.
4. Volunteer to help her understand the business more if that is her problem.
5. Teach her the economic use of time in SFI business if her problem is not enough time to do the business.
6. Teach her patience and how to plan long-term if not making quick money is her problem.
7. Emphasize to her that if she does not work her business herself, no one will.

Good luck in your efforts!!!

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