Friday, 27 January 2017

How to Attract College Students to Join SFI Business

Well, if you want to succeed in getting across to students, you must think the way students think and hang out where students hang out. That is the first step. If you can do that, you will make friends with students easily then build trust from there. If students get to like you and trust you, they will always listen to your “yarns” with rapt attention. 

The next step is to throw in the bait. That is when you can show concern about their financial future after college. Slip in SFI business from that point. Bear in mind that students are always very sharp and inquisitive. That is why you must be very prepared at all times to answer their questions about SFI. You will be helped along the way if you have the following items in your possession at all times when interacting with students.

1. SFI Payoneer Master Card.
2. SFI key holders.
3. SFI Gift cards.
4. SFI flyers.
5. SFI T-shirts and similar branded apparels.
6. Wave 3 banner cards.
7. Any other SFI items which attract attention.

These are the items which can help you talk to and convince students to try out SFI. Be prepared to hand out some items as gifts to as many students as you can afford to.

It is fairly easy to talk to students about their financial future because that is what most of them think about most of the time. Because of the Internet and modern gadgets and devices which many students are very much at home with, it is easy for them to get information and to research it further for their own benefit. That is where SFI fits the bill very snugly. Because many of them are very young, they are usually very flexible in their approach to new ideas and this makes talking to them about any concept fairly easy. The fact that they can work on SFI part-time with no interference with their studies is an added advantage.

Apart from face-to-face talks with students, you can also do the following:

-- Stick SFI flyers in places students visit frequently on campus.
-- Place adverts in students’ bulletins and newsletters/magazines.
-- Stick posters in gyms and sporting arenas.
-- Leave flyers in wiper blades of windshields in students’ cars.


These are some of the many options available which I can think of right now. Good luck!!! 

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