Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Ensure Your Team Members are Receiving Your Email Messages

In SFI business, a bit of innovations and ingenuity at times come in very handy to get around some knotty issues. Effective communication with your team is one such issue. Experience has shown that you may just be firing regular emails to your team without any evidence that they even see the mails talk less of reading them. That is a very big issue in this business. To make sure your CSAs and PSAs are receiving your email messages, I believe you should do the following. 


1. Communicate with them mostly with CSAs and PSAs Mailer. Mail delivery is guaranteed with the Mailer.
2. Regularly send your team members messages which require some form of responses.
3. Send mails which arouse curiosity in your team members.
4. Challenge your team members to take you up on any issue.
5. Send some mails which require some form of acknowledgement from your team members.
6. Institute some question and answer sessions with your team members promising some rewards for winners.
7. Remember and mark the birthdays/anniversaries of your team members.
8. Demand feedbacks/concerns from your team members how they are making out monthly in the business.
9. Identify those with leadership qualities among your team members and challenge them to teach others.
10. Send only mails which recognize the importance of all members of your team.

Doing all these and more regularly will guarantee that your team members receive your emails.

Wishing you a very happy and most effective communication with your team members!!!

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