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Monday, 30 January 2017

Good Yardsticks to Rate Your SFI Sponsors Monthly

The relationship between Sponsors and Affiliates comes in very mixed bags in SFI. Some could be outright forced-marriages of strange bed fellows who could be stuck with each other for life, come rain come shine for so long as they remain in SFI. I am of the view that if you use the under-listed parameters well, it is possible to give an unbiased rating of your sponsor every month irrespective of whether you are cozy with each other or not.

01. How often do you get communications from your sponsor?
02. How quickly does he/she respond to your inquiries?
03. How often do you get useful tips/information from your sponsor?
04. Does he/she show genuine concern for your success in SFI?
05. How much material help (if any) do you get from him/her and how often?
06. Have you ever physically spoken to or chatted with him/her?
07. How intimately does he/she know you?
08. How well is he/she doing in SFI business?
09. How many new business opportunities in SFI (if any) has he/she ever drawn your attention to.
10. Does he/she remember and help you to mark your special anniversaries?
11. How often does he/she congratulate you on your token achievements in SFI?
12. Does he/she sound to you like a pie-in-the-sky dreamer?

I believe if you are able to take the foregoing into account when you want to rate your sponsor monthly, you will no doubt be in a position to give a very unbiased rating of him/her every month. Good luck and have a very nice day ahead!!!

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