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Monday, 30 January 2017

How Beneficial is it to Create SFI Forums in Other Languages?

There is no doubt that when viewed very narrowly, it is easy to admit that it will be beneficial to create separate forums and do web seminars about SFI in languages other than English. This is because many people feel more at home and are more comfortable with their first language than any other language, English inclusive. With an international business like SFI, creating a separate forum with this local language can be very helpful to those who speak the language. These people can therefore learn more quickly and feel completely at home with getting ahead in their SFI business as well as easy recruitment of affiliates. 


In my opinion, that is the easy part. The not-very-easy part is, who creates the forums and do the seminars? What is their level of expertise and proficiency in the local language particularly when you factor in that no language can ever be fully translated without losing some form of value from the original language. Besides, English is such a universally acceptable language which is spoken almost everywhere in the world. I am told all international pilots are compelled to use English to communicate when they over fly other countries irrespective of the local languages spoken in such countries.

Allied to that is the fact that SFI is trying frantically to create an international business platform acceptable and accessible to all peoples of the world with the power of the Internet making English the universal language for transactions. SFI has rightly built into the business to assist non-English speakers an SFI Translation Tool which is very efficient and effective. Smart Internet users also deploy Google Translate Tool for the same translations purposes. 


The question to ask here is, why localize a business SFI is striving to internationalize? But if the idea of a local language is to complement what SFI is doing, then why not? If you are so good in your local language and you believe you have the resources, patience and expertise to use your local language effectively, all well and good but you do face the additional task of finding enough people interested in SFI business who speak the language with you. With the way SFI is structured, that additional task may be very daunting even if you choose to use A2A or you organize co-operatives with the sole qualification criterion being ability to communicate in a specific local language. That can by no means be an easy task. With all these bottlenecks, can anyone still be keen on creating separate forums and doing web seminars about SFI in languages other than English? If anyone still does, I am not sure I envy them at all. 

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