Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How to Make Your Personal SFI Website Effective

Your personal SFI website serves as the front office to your SFI business. It is the first place visitors to your website get the first impression about you and your business. For these reasons, to make the website effective, you need to have the following in it.

1. Your business-like photo must be displayed there.
2. What your business is all about must be there at a glance.
3. Your contact information, email address and telephone numbers must be displayed there.
4. The products you market must be accessed from there.
5. Your achievement badges must be seen there.
6. How long you have been in the business and your rankings in the business must be there.
7. The ECAs you connect with are seen there.
8. Your blog posts must be accessed from there.
9. Your favorite products and the products your recommend must be accessed from there.
10. Above all, the site says in unmistakable terms that you are in business.

I have no doubt in my mind that with the foregoing well displayed in your personal SFI website, it is welcoming enough. That makes it effective for the purpose it was designed.

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