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Thursday, 19 January 2017

How Being an SFI Affiliate can Change Your Life

This is a very interesting topic because being an affiliate in SFI changes many people’s lives in many and varied ways. If what you mean is changing your life for the better, the following readily come to mind. When you become an SFI affiliate, your life changes for good!

1. You become a business owner.
2. You become your own boss.
3. You get the real satisfaction of working for yourself.
4. You follow a simple work schedule designed only for your own convenience.
5. You become highly sociable with fellow affiliates through a2a and the forums.
6. You become a fun-loving person by participating at the Trivia Games.
7. You become a knowledgeable person from SFI’s trainings.
8. You become a good reader/learner.
9. You become a good marketer/salesperson.
10. You become a good Business Manager.
11. You become a good Team Leader.
12. You become a good entrepreneur.
13. You become a major contributor to the e-commerce activities of your country.
14. You become a very valuable world citizen/business player earning a legitimate living.
15. You change from being poor to a middle level income earner or even a rich one.
16. You become a good business negotiator.
17. You become a good co-operative manager/member.
18. You become a generally happy and satisfied person. 

From the foregoing and more, you can see why your being an SFI affiliate can always change your life for the better. 

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