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Friday, 20 January 2017

The Best Ways to Set up Proper Communications with New PSAs

In SFI business, you do not need to set up any additional ways to communicate with your new PSAs. The good news is that all communication channels you need to reach your PSAs are graciously set up for you by SFI. All you need do is to use the channels effectively as expected. On your home page, just press the correct button to communicate and you are on. As set up by SFI, the following ways are available and reliable for you to communicate with your PSAs.

1. PSA Mailer.
2. E-mail address.
3. Telephone.
4. Team mails.
5. Stream posts.
6. Forum posts.
7. A2A messages.
8. Each PSA’s contact message handle.
9. SFIM chat handle.
10. Surface mail postal address.
11. E-cards messages.

The foregoing channels are the best ways you can use to effectively communicate with your PSAs. They have been set up for you to use by SFI. Your duty is to use them effectively as expected.

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