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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How to Promote the New SFI Fast-Track 2.0 Program

Somehow, SFI always manages to find very creative ways to make affiliates active and competitive. Fast-Track 2.0 program is one such way. To promote the new Fast-Track 2.0 program to your team members without putting them off, just draw their attention to what the President/Founder of SFI Mr. Gery Carson has to say about it and that will help.

As a Fast-Track 2.0 member,

1. You get 250 bonus VersaPoints added to your account monthly.

2. Your first of 30 entries will be entered in the Daily Grand drawing. For the next 29 days, you'll also have an entry thanks to your Fast-Track qualification (this is in addition to any entries you earn via other means). Each entry is another chance to win a share of over $2000 in daily prizes! 200 prizes awarded daily.


3. You can now earn valuable bonus shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool every month. For every 10 VersaPoints you earn, you'll earn one bonus share of the Executive Pool! Some restrictions apply though.

4. Your SFI homepage will now be sporting your new Fast-Track Member badge.

5. Your name and picture will be added to the Fast-Track "Wall of Fame."

6. Your personalized Fast-Track Certificate of Achievement will be available for you to download and hang on your office wall or wherever you choose.

7. After three months of Fast-Track qualification, (minimum $20 in sales and/or purchases each month), you will be eligible to receive the seventh and final Fast-Track benefit, your Fast-Track Lapel Pin.

8. If you met your Fast-Track qualification with a purchase of the TripleClicks New Member Pack, you’ll also have added to your SFI account the included 500 VersaPoints and three Co-Sponsored Affiliates, which you'll find listed in your Genealogy.

There is hardly any doubt that if you are able to make the above known to your affiliates, many if not all of them will jump at the opportunity to become Fast-Track 2.0 members. Let them know that Fast-Track is one time opportunity and they will not get another chance to become Fast-Track Member again. That to my mind is how best you can promote the new Fast-Track 2.0 program to your team without putting them off.

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