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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Role of Affiliates in SFI Business

In SFI, every affiliate has a very important role to play as an affiliate and that is what makes the business work. To a prospect, you can explain that your most prominent roles in SFI are as follows:

1. You are a Business Owner.
Your SFI business is yours as an individual business person. You can sell what you want to sell and earn your profits as in all businesses.

2. You are a Business Partner.
This way, you can sell any product at TripleClicks stores to earn your commissions. These products may actually be owned by other affiliates who are automatically your business partners.


3. You are an Internet Marketer.
The bulk of SFI business is online. You do your promotions, marketing and actual selling all online. That qualifies you as an internet marketer.

4. You are an Internet Entrepreneur.
This way, you build your own business online at no cost in collaboration with SFI. You make your own profits and also share from SFI’s profits in the Executive pool. That makes you an internet entrepreneur.

5. You are a Business Promoter.
This way, you use all the free tools provided by SFI to promote your business online and the businesses of any other affiliates you like.

6. You are a Team Builder.
This way, you promote your Gateways to recruit PSAs into your downline by way of duplication. These PSAs become your business partners and life customers.

7. You are a Team Leader.
This way, you lead your team by helping them to develop their businesses and guiding them to succeed in the business.

8. You are a Sales Representative.
This way, you not only promote products from fellow affiliates, you help to sell them and earn commissions.

9. You are a Business Motivator.
This way, you lead your team by example. You assist them as best you can. You also communicate regularly with them and encourage/motivate them to build their businesses. 


10. You are a Resource Person.
With the questions and answers you submit in Ask SC forum, you help SFI to build a valuable resource base for the benefit of the whole business and the businesses of all the affiliates.

All these in a nutshell are what all affiliates do in SFI which a prospect will be interested in knowing.

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