Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Best Ways to Advertise SFI Business Outside of Online Social Media

There are very many ways to advertise your business outside of online social media and many of these ways are as easy to use and as cheap as social media if not cheaper. The following are some of the ways which readily come to mind allowing you to keep it simple and cheap but at the same time giving your business effective exposure in terms of advertising.

1. You can put your website on notepads, pens, newsletters, bumper stickers, coffee cups, etc, etc

2. You can use well designed and crafted Flyers which you can slip into the center pages of newspapers with some agreements with the vendors.


3. Of course, good old Business cards are still very effective ways to advertise your business.

4. You can use classifieds in your local newspaper.

5. You can mail out well-worded and crafted postcards.

6. You can leave flyers/posters in your local library, supermarkets, drug stores, Laundromats and such like places which many people frequent.

7. You can use welcome baby cards for hospitals and baby gifts for newborns in the hospital with your business tags as labels.

8. You can also purchase cheap seed packets, put a tag on them with your website and give to farmers and horticulturists.

9. You can use good old word-of-mouth to advertise your business to friends, family and anyone you get acquainted with.

10. You can use well-branded Buttons and Lapel pins.

11. You can brad ballpoint pens to hand out with a short advertisement and your URL.

12. You can create an information type handout that briefly explains your business.

13. When you go to a garage or yard sale, request permission to leave a few of your flyers there.


14. You can put your Business Card in all outgoing mail including anything that has a postage paid envelope.

15. You can use Car magnets to advertise your business.

16. You can use local magazines, newspapers, community newsletters, etc with very wide local readership to promote your business.

17. You can leave your Business Cards in restrooms at restaurants or on cork boards around grocery stores.

18. You can set up a free giveaway box in any store that will give you permission.

19. You can buy a personalized stamp and put your ad on it. Use it to stamp the back of any envelopes that you mail.

20. If you receive a junk mail with the postage paid envelopes, just send a flyer back to the company and use their return envelope.

21. You can advertise on personalized T-shirts and baseball caps.

22. You can make up Gift basket raffles for Church bazaars, concerts at your local community hall, or any town function carefully leaving your flyers/business cards in the baskets.

23. You can put flyers on car windshields in the parking lot at your kids sporting events, local gyms and stadiums.

24. You can leave a business card with your tip for your waiter/waitress in your local restaurant.

25. You can ask for permission in your local fast food takeout to post a flyer in their window.

26. You can create a post it stack of your business cards with a glue stick and then post them at pay phones.


27. You can leave business cards by the change machine in the mall arcade or at the ATM machine.

28. You can advertise your business in the sun visor of your car using vinyl letters.

The above list is by means exhaustive since there are very many ways you can promote your business offline. You can use your own imagination and ingenuity to improve on it based on your culture and where you live. Just find a way to think outside the box on this issue and you’ll be OK

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