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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How to Get the Most out SFI Forum Each Day

SFI Forum is one goldmine of information that any serious affiliate cannot afford to ignore. The information you get at the forum is mostly hands-on information which is very valuable. What other affiliates have experienced and how they went about solving the problems always comes out very clearly at the Forum. To get the most out of SFI Forum, I will like to recommend the following.

1. Visit the forum every day, every single day without fail.
2. Ask any question which bothers your mind about your SFI business at the forum.
3. Follow forum gurus and all other affiliates who are more experienced than you in the business.
4. Open an offline file for forum information you find useful to grow your business.
5. On the alerts page of your site, daily check for interesting new topics at the forum to read.
6. Check out the hot threads and new posts too from same page.
7. When you make a posting at the forum, tick the alert button which enables you to receive messages about all new posts on your post.
8. Never miss the posts from the Forum Moderator Mr. Gery Carson, they are a goldmine of information.
9. Habitually “like” and comment on forum posts of your choice, and others will reciprocate same way on your own posts.
10. Try to establish a more personal relationship with any member of the Forum you believe can be of help to you in growing your SFI business.

I have no doubt in my mind that if you follow these tips, you will get the best out of the Forum for the overall benefit of your business.

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