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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How to Get the Attention of New Local CSAs

To get the attention of your new CSAs, you must endeavor as quickly as convenient to make some form of contacts with them. When you receive new CSAs from your country, just go to their affiliate snapshot page found here:


In SFI business, that is where you can get the information you need to reach each and every one of your new CSAs to make all the necessary contacts you want to make with them. While there, you have the option of using each one or any of the following channels to make contact with your new CSAs depending on what type of message you want to put across.

1. E-mail.
2. Team mail.
3. Telephone.
4. SFIM chat channel.
5. Postal address.
6. E-card mail.

Do not fail to invite them to your Leadership Page so that they can have the opportunity to see how well you are doing in the business. As a fellow country person, when they see what is possible with you, it could quickly help them to rekindle activities in their own business. It is advisable to formally welcome the new CSAs to your own team and to assure them of continued support. Encourage them to let you in on why they are not really very active in their business. The use of common local language can be very effective here. From there, you can use all the available awesome sponsor tips to help your new CSAs with their business. 

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