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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

For How Long should my PSAs and CSAs Depend on me for Help?

Well, my straight answer to this question is this. For as long as your PSAs and CSAs remain your PSAs and CSAs, they can continue to depend on you for help. This is because SFI business as it relates to team members is a life-long partnership. As SFI itself likes to remind affiliates always, you can do well in the business when your team members are doing well. In other words, your success in SFI business is directly related to the success of your PSAs and CSAs.

In SFI business, experience shows that the more you know about the business, the more you need to know. That is why Ask SC answers; the Forum and A2A are really very popular sites in the business any serious affiliate can’t afford to ignore for too long. There is nothing as gratifying to human psyche more than to have a shoulder to lean on always particularly in the type of business as depicted by SFI. For that reason, there is really to time frame which can be safely put on how long any of your affiliates can depend on you. If for example the question is asked in reverse, how long will you want to depend on your own sponsor? With all sincerity and every sense of purpose, I believe every affiliate will really be hard put to answer that question correctly. Truth is, there really can be no time frame any affiliate can depend on his/her sponsor for help in a business as dynamic as SFI. That is what my mind and experience since year 2013 tells me about the business.

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