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Monday, 16 January 2017

What you can do With One Hour a Day in SFI

If you know what you are doing, an hour a day is an extremely valuable and sufficient time to do a lot in SFI. Many affiliates may do many different things depending on their own priorities in the business. From my own experience, I always advise my affiliates to do the following everyday no matter how pressing their time is.

1. Log in to your site and perform all the “To-Do” tasks on your Dashboard to earn VersaPoints.
2. Read the recent/latest news from SFI.
3. Go to your “Hit Tracking” page and check on the performance of your ads.
4. Read your mails and respond where necessary.
5. Check out the latest additions at TripleClicks.
6. Do a bit of products promotion.
7. Enter for the day’s Daily Grand contest.

The foregoing are the tasks I routinely do which I believe you too can successfully do within an hour each day to promote and grow your SFI business. Good luck!!!

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