Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How to Build a Profitable SFI Business Using S-Builder Co-op

In SFI business, using S-Builder Co-op to build a profitable business is a very smart way to outsource what you should be doing directly yourself. That takes a lot off your shoulders. It also makes up for any shortcomings you may have if you are inexperienced in online marketing. The Co-op does all the marketing for you. The power of the whole is always more than the power of individual members. That is the major advantage of belonging to a Co-op like the S-Builder.


That said, all you need do is to join the Co-op and ensure your membership dues and or subscriptions are paid as due, preferably by standing order. That done, your business stands to benefit the following ways:

1. When you work in a team, everyone benefits.
2. You make individual little contributions to make a big pool/muscle to promote your businesses collectively.
3. The Co-op sets up campaigns and the recruited PSAs, ECAs and PRMs are distributed among members proportionately.
4. You may not need to promote any other TC product but the S-Builder.
5. As an active affiliate of the Co-op, you have a lifetime customer value which leads to residual commissions.
6. You have the opportunity to leverage on all of the matching VP as the Co-op network grows.
7. You get a cost-effective solution for recruiting affiliates because the cost of a share is fixed.
8. By leveraging VersaPoints across the network you will create some serious income machine over time as the network grows.
9. The S-Builder Co-op provides you with a long term solution for a stronger SFI business.
10. As an active Co-op member, you spend less to achieve more in your SFI business.

All above showcase the very best way to build a profitable SFI business using S-Builder Co-op?

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