Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How to Use SFI's Hit Tracking

I am always bold to say that SFI provides nearly all the required tools which its affiliates need to succeed in the business. Hit-tracking is no exception. Come to think of it, as an Internet Business Person with Gateways advertised out there, any smart entrepreneur must have and use tools to track hits to the Gateways of the products so advertised. In SFI business, that tool is found here in this link: OR under Power Tools/Hit Tracking

From the information provided by your installed personal key codes, you can track the number of times your gateway links are clicked because the tools record the number of hits/clicks your ads receive. You can thereafter use the 2 parameters below to make informed decisions on the effectiveness of your ads.

1. The volume of hits/clicks. This represents the number of persons who have actually seen your ads. The higher the number of visitors, the higher the chances/probability of sign-ups.

2. The number of sign-ups compared to the volume of clicks on your key code. This is simply termed “conversion rate.” The higher the rate, the more effective your ads are.

Armed with this information, it becomes easier for you to determine how you can improve on your promotions. You may choose to change the ads platforms for higher visibility or you can improve on the quality of the ads. You may choose to do any other things which can lead to higher figures on these 2 parameters.

That is how best to use hit tracking to make your promotions more effective in SFI. Best wishes.

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