Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Why PSAs Should Buy From ECAs in Their Country

It is quite helpful economically to your PSAs if you advise them to buy from local ECAs. Here are the reasons why. When you buy from local ECAs:

1. You eliminate transaction language barriers.
2. You can reduce or eliminate shipping costs.
3. You can transact with local currency.
4. Product losses in transit are minimal.
5. Products are delivered faster with limited damages if any.
6. You can build a faster rapport with the ECA.
7. You can negotiate discounts better with local ECAs.
8. You are more likely to be familiar with goods sold by local ECAs.
9. You help your local ECAs to grow and to improve your country’s ranking in SFI.
10. You directly encourage more ECAs from your country to get involved in SFI.
11. You encourage and help to boost e-commerce activities in your country.
12. You directly contribute to your country’s economy.

Encouraging your PSAs to buy from ECAs in their country is all about local economics. From the foregoing, you can see how helpful such activities can be to the dealers and the local environment. It is therefore a good thing to do in SFI business.

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