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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Best and Least Expensive Way to Build a Personal SFI Website

This matter at times confounds many affiliates in SFI business chiefly because it has some bit of ambiguity. That is because the best website may not necessarily be the least expensive while the least expensive website may not be the best. For that reason, I tend to think that you may have to settle for any one of these two advantages because they rarely go together. 


If you do not want to spend any money at all to build a personal website, you can get for free at many web hosting sites which provide a free space for anyone who wants one. You do not need to build anything. You just register in, follow the prompts and you are on in less than 5 minutes. These sites have well designed web pages which you can choose from depending on your taste. Two of such sites which readily come to mind here are blog sites like blogger.com and wordpress.com where you can host your personal SFI website for free. When given free, the sites will allow you only limited use of your own site but if you pay some token fee to upgrade, you can freely use your own site for your own adverts (SFI and TripleClicks Gateways) as well as other adverts including banners from other sites.

For as low as $5, you can register and host your Personal Domain Name with Goddady. Similar service is also available from many other Web Hosts. With a valid registration, you will be provided your own webpage and its accessories for you to use to promote your SFI business as you deem fit. With an annual hosting fee which is also very low, you can use such a site for a whole year before it will be due for renewal.

Having dealt with the “least expensive” part of your question let me now turn my attention to the “best” site. How good your site is depends on what your goals are in SFI and this varies from affiliate to affiliate. From my own experience, the best site to own is the one which enables you to meet your set goals in SFI business. That is why you need a personal website which ranks well in Search Engines, allows visitors seamless contacts and interactions with you, allows you to visibly advertise your SFI and TripleClicks Gateways/banners as well as enabling you to easily convert many of your site visitors to PSAs. That is about the best SFI personal website you can have. Any personal website which allows you to do all these and more is the best site to have even if it may not necessarily be the least expensive.

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