Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to Link Your Ads Online

As a rule in online advertising, your ads links must link to the place you want your site visitors to see. Usually that “place” is where the product you are selling or marketing can be found. It does not really matter whether the place is in your webpage/blog or in your SFI Gateway.

A link is just like a pathway which leads to somewhere. That somewhere is where you want your online visitors to get to. Whether the link is in form of text ads, banner ads or any other type of ad, so long as it takes visitors to wherever you want them to go when they click on it, it is a perfect link. That is the type of link that yields the desired results. What counts therefore, is not as much as where the ad link is placed but where it leads to when clicked.

You can place your ads links in your webpage/blog as well to an SFI Gateway provided the links take visitors to what you want them to see. That is what matters.

Good luck in your marketing!!!

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