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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Major Drawbacks to Using Link Cloaking Software

This is the type of issue which could best be directed to seasoned Webmasters and not to amateurs like most of us Affiliates in SFI business. However, let me try to explain it in the plain language through which I understand it. Link cloaking software became useful to protect links from being hijacked by ubiquitous online predators and or hackers. The main drawbacks to using link cloaking software are as follows.

1. It can only be used effectively by experienced online marketers.
2. Some smart online thief can always find a way around the software.
3. The software does not provide foolproof-all-round protection.
4. Link cloaking is not considered as a very reliable security measure.
5. It becomes more reliable only when combined with encryption like WPA, Wi-Fi Protected Access and suck line encryption.
6. You can’t use the software in isolation and expect perfect results.
7. You can only discover if it is ineffective after you have been “hit.”

These are about the major drawbacks I can recollect when you use link cloaking software. 

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