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Sunday, 19 February 2017

How to Receive Your Commissions in SFI Business

As is typical with SFI business, it usually makes many options available to its affiliates irrespective of whether you are making payments or receiving commissions. There is always a lot of room to make a choice irrespective of wherever you are in the world. To receive your SFI commissions, SFI makes available to all affiliates some 4 options, namely:


- PayPal.
- Bank Check.
- Payoneer Master Card.
- Direct Deposits.

Depending on where you are in the world, you can settle for any of these 4 options based on your own needs. Before you decide, you may wish to take the following into consideration:

- Speed of payment.
- Security of payment.
- Charges.
- Safety.
- Legality.
- Other costs.

Each of the payments options has some strong points as well as drawbacks based on the above considerations. For me, I tend to be a bit sentimental about this issue because I use a Payoneer Master Card. That is the payment option I recommend because of the following reasons:

- It is very fast.
- It is secure.
- You can draw your money in any ATM with Master Card sign anywhere in the world.
- You can get paid even in your local currency.
- You can use the card to make payments in TripleClicks.
- You can use it to make payments for all transactions Online.
- You can use it to make payments from POS outlets in shopping malls.
- You can transact any business with the card anywhere Master Card is accepted.
- It serves as a veritable tool to recruit PSAs.
- It is trendy and convenient to carry around.
- Above all, it is now the fad to shop with debit cards in many places around the world. 


If however you live in a country like the US, PayPal may be the most convenient way to receive your commissions unless you want to be like the “big boys/gals” who carry around trendy and very flashy debit cards. If so, go for Payoneer Master Card instead just like me.

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