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Monday, 20 February 2017

Best Strategy to Become a Platinum Team Leader

I am not there yet but I know the way there. To become a Platinum Team Leader, PTL, all you need is a simple/workable plan. This simple 3-step plan can get you there with time.

1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA)
2. Remain EA every month
3. Teach your Affiliates to do this same 3-step plan. That’s it. 


To become a Platinum Team Leader, all you need is 2000 Sales VP + 4000 Action VP making a total of 6000 VP for the month. Every affiliate knows how to earn 2000 Sales VP very easily. Earning 4000 Action VP is a very huge challenge for many affiliates but it can be done through a combination of the following actions.

1. Earning VersaPoints by Daily/Weekly/Monthly Action Points.
2. Winning unlimited VersaPoints, VP at the Daily Grand.
3. Earning unlimited VP from the Ask SC answers you submitted.
4. Earning many VP from Eager Zebra Games.
5. Earning 100 VP from each PSA you help to be EA.
6. Earning 150 VP from each PSA you help to be BTL.
7. Earning 200 VP from each PSA you help to be STL.
8. Earning 250 VP from each PSA you help to be GTL.
9. Earning 300 VP from each PSA you help to be PTL.

The key to become PTL is a deep and very active downline. From the above figures, you can see that if you have 60 very active PSAs who simple make EA each month that earns you 6000 Action VPs straightaway. You become PTL even without lifting a finger of your own to earn VP.

If you want to become PTL, just work to deepen your downline making sure that a very large number of them are very active in the business.

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