Monday, 20 February 2017

Why it is Smart to Keep Sending Supportive Emails to Inactive Affiliates

Let me say straight away that PSAs and CSAs even if inactive at the moment are very valuable assets in SFI business. Even if some have 0 VP and have been inactive for some time, that does not make them less valuable. When you factor in that very many legitimate reasons could be responsible for their inactivity, you will get to appreciate my reasoning the more. 


Having said that, be informed that it is good business to treat all your PSAs and CSAs equally as valuable assets to your business whether they are active or inactive. Reason is because those active today may be inactive tomorrow and vice versa for various reasons. My advice therefore, in direct answer to your question is that it is very worth it to keep sending supportive emails to your PSAs and CSAs who have 0 VP and have been inactive for weeks or months.

Here are some more business reasons why it is worth it sending supporting messages to ALL your PSAs and CSAs whether active or not.

1. An affiliate not active today may be active tomorrow.
2. An affiliate active today may be inactive tomorrow.
3. Inactive affiliates may have active affiliates under them which are very valuable in your own downline.
4. A seemingly inactive affiliate may actually treasure and is appreciative of your support messages.
5. Your continued support messages could make an inactive affiliate to be active.
6. Continued support messages are a direct proof of concern for the welfare of ALL your affiliates.
7. All affiliates in your downline are very valuable even if with inactive affiliates that value is POTENTIAL in nature.
8. The biggest craving of any human being is recognition and that is exactly what your continued support messages do to inactive affiliates. 


Finally, let me remind you once more that ALL your affiliates are important and VALUABLE whether they are active or inactive. That is exactly what should inform and shape your dealings with them, continued support messages inclusive.

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